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Model Number: USHB155-13

STANDARD EQUIPMENT: (All of the following comes with the machine)
• Ram Deflection Adjustment
• Mechanical Ram Depth Control
• Massive Torsion Bar or Parallelism
• Forged Heavy Duty Cylinder and Cylinder Body
• Three Speed Ram
• Rapid Approach, Bending Cycle and Rapid Retreat
• Bottom Time Delay
• All Steel Construction
• Inching, Single Cycle and Continuous Operation
• Ram takes special, heavy duty tang
• Bed Slot
• Bed also holds tooling with capture clamps
• Free Gooseneck Punch and multi-opening Die for up to 90 forming in 10 gauge mild steel
*(see note on page 2)


• Working Pressure 155 Tons • Motor Horsepower 15 HP
• Length of Working Table 157.4" • Hydraulic Oil Capacity 97 Gal.
• Distance Between Housings 124" • Net Weight 33,148 lbs.
• Throat Depth 12.5" • Length 179"
• Stroke Adjustment of Ram 2.75" • Width 64"
• Ram Travel 5.9" • Height 101"
• Open Height 16.3"
• Bed Height 40"
• Backgauge Travel 24"


CNC 2-Axis Color Graphic Control:       4,995.00
Sick Model 4000 Light Curtain System:       4,990.00
TOTAL –Special Order, call for delivery estimate…F.O.B. Memphis $ 76,975.00



CNC 2-Axis Color Graphic Control: $4,995.00

Controls BOTH Bend Angle and Backgauge Position. Comes with 6" LCD touch screen. Code And Graphic programming included. Graphic allows 10 bends per program/cross-section.
Controls features a tool library, Metric/inch switchable, Auto bend sequence, Auto retract of Backgauge, Spread length, Interference bend alert, Calculated bend allowance, Programmable
ram dwell and much more. Control stores thousands of programs with USB Port, Ethernet and RS232 for program backup.

Sick Model 4000 Light Curtain System: $4,990.00
• Pilz Laser Guarding: $8,495.00
• Fiessler Laser Guarding: $9,995.00
• Third Axis (Back Gauge Height): $4,995.00
• CNC Controlled Mechanical Auto Crown: $9,995.00
• High Speed Servo Back Gauge: $6,995.00
• Training in our Memphis, TN Facility No Charge
• Training at customer site, less than 300 miles from Memphis: $2,995.00
• Training at customer site, more than 300 miles from Memphis: $3,995.00

(If outside continental USA, please call for quote.)


Special Note: The Gooseneck Punch and multi-opening Die included are general purpose tools to be used for training only. Precision tooling should be purchased to meet your specific needs. The punch is segmented and it is up to the customer to calibrate these if they want to use them for a particular purpose. There is NO warranty on these items.

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