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Messer MG Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting System
Model MCP2000


Gantry Dual Side Drive:
Maximum Cutting Speed:
Cutting Area:
Plasma Torches:
Cutting Amperage:      

Rail System:    

Rack & Pinion Brushless Motor Drives on Both Axes
Up to 600 IPM
11' x 24'
(2) Hypertherm HD3070
(2) 100 Ampere Power Supply
Navigator Pentium Control, Shape Wizard Editing System, Extensive Standard Shape Library
32' Actual Track Length

32' Power Track with Hoses & Cables
(2) RSVP421 Torch Automatic Height Sensing Controls
Torch Safety Mounts for HD3070's
Down Draft 11'4" x 24'5" Table
Band Drive and Slave Carriage
Desoutter Pneumatic Drill
Manuals And Schematics Included

Catalogue Specifications.  Information is believed to be correct but purchaser is advised to verify information by inspection.

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