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Faccin Urethane Roller, Model 1550x4 HCU, 5’ x 10 Gauge


Working Length: 
Max. Material Thickness:
Minimum Bend I.D.:
Opening Between Shoulders:

1550 x 4 HCU
61” x 5/32”
10 hp
150 x 62 x 99 inches
8170 lb
Equipped With:

Automated Roll Lifting System

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The 2-roll bending roll designed, built and marketed by Faccin features a special construction system combined with a solid oversized structure which assures absolute precision and reliability, greater simplicity of the plate rolling process and maximum quality of the rolled product. Every bending roll of Faccin’s  is configured with polyurethane roll which, by exerting dynamic pressure, speeds up the plate forming process, assuring the straight end of the produced rolls is removed and greatly simplifying the prebending-rolling-prebending sequences typical of 3-roll or 4-roll bending rolls. Furthermore, the exclusive hydro-mechanical roll lifting system (RGS) assures positioning repeatability and constant working pressures.

Faccin’s bending rolls with automation assure achieving precise tolerances with very fast processing times. Therefore they are ideal for bending thin plates with thickness between 0.2 and 5 mm and width from 500 to 2000 mm, achieving bending diameter of even less than 80 mm. Faccin’s bending rolls are therefore ideal for mass production of cylinders and tanks.

In the Standard version, Faccin’s 2-roll bending roll  assures productivity greater than 180-200 pieces/hour while peaks of 300 pieces/hour may be reached. Also, the bending roll version is a fully automatic machine and therefore does not require any manpower. Faccin’s bending roll models are the best choice for anyone seeking high speed rolling machines able to assure high productivity and maximum precision in forming.

Catalogue Specifications.  Information is believed to be correct but purchaser is advised to verify information by inspection.